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This is a personal project, online notebook for me, R. YATES. I am not a professional creative, just a hobbyist. This webpage is an example of something that I wanted to do, and will serve as a link to other sites where other examples of my work are stored. Every project and work displayed here is a result of me teaching myself. Whether that be pictoral, audio or written. All material here, including the HTML code; is subject to creative commons licence CC BY-NC-SA. Thanks for looking.
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> NOTES (Journal)

20210208 - 2001
Another do over of this page this evening. Further simplification of appearance. I did play around with other colour palettes, but kept coming back to this one.

20210207 - 2300
After much fiddling, I have decided against posting images directly onto this page. Instead I have created a Pixelfed account, and will post there. Hopefully this will help keep the content light at Neocities, and keep this page responsive.

20210207 - 1822
Experimented with 'Audacity' for the first time. Seems to be fairly intuitive. The only sound recordings I have so far are a few samples taken today and one from summer 2019, when I bought the Sony IC UX560, which I have uploaded in 'field recordings' below. The sensitivity of the microphones is outstanding for something so small, but I can see why 'voice' recorders are not appropriate for field recording. The recording I did today is harsh, due to the deafening wind noise.

20210206 - 2026
Ordered a used 'Zoom H1n' audio recorder for the field recordings project I would like to undertake. The seller has included a 'dead cat' wind protector, which should hopefully make post-production easier.

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