This is a personal project. An online notebook for me, R. YATES. I am a hobbyist creative. This webpage is an example of something that I wanted to do, and will serve as a link to other sites where other examples of my work are stored. Every project and work displayed here is a result of me teaching myself. Whether that be pictoral, audio, coded or written. All material here, including the HTML code; is subject to creative commons licence CC BY-NC-SA. Thanks for looking.
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> NOTES (Creative inspirations)

So far in 2021 I have found inspiration from the following artists:

> WORKS (Projects)

WRITTEN - 'untitled' (in progress) Skeleton of a writing idea I have had kicking around for a few years. Basic outline is done, and I have a fairly good idea of the direction the story will take. The challenge is to steer the narrative in the right way. There are aspects of the story that inter-weave from both a time and place perspective. This is a long-term project. I am not a writer, and suspect some of my other (short)story ideas will come to fruition first.

ILLUSTRATED - 'untitled' (in progress) Although not intentional, I began drawing some of the characters and scenes from the 'novel' I had begun planning. As I started sketching, it created further ideas for the story. I think I would like to incorporate illustrations in the story. Maybe some sort of homage to the days of books gone by, when in paperback fiction there were often 'plates' to accompany the text.

CODE/CRAFT - 'Pomodoro timer' (unstarted) Yes I know they are a dime a dozen. But pomodoro timers are an absolutely great idea. As an olympic standard procrastinator, I have found employing one in my day job has been career life saving. Whilst they work fine in software form. There is just something nice about tactile objects. I intent to look at some Arduino/Pi small board options, as the brains. With a view to designing/configuring a simplistic, yet effective lighting system. I would then look to construct a wooden case to hold it all. Time will (quite literallly) tell.

AUDIO - 'Wind-Down Wednesday' (unstarted) I'm looking at creating some 'soundscape' field recordings. Just 5 minutes of ambient (hopefully peaceful) sounds. I have every Wednesday off work, as part of a compressed hours working pattern. As such this is the ideal opportunity to get out and about and do some recording. Two-fold benefit for me. My job is mega-stressful, with PTSE the usual reason for people quitting. So a weekly timeout where I get to take 5, and also do something creative is a win-win. Also for most people working a 9-5, Wednesday is 'hump' day (the mid-point of the week). So if taking 5 in the office and listening to one of these recordings helps to take a breath, then all good.

AUDIO - 'CC Audio loops' (unstarted) I love podcasts. I've been listening for years, and think they are a fantastic platform for drama. As part of my 'creative' drive, and inspired by the backing music on 'TANIS'. I thought it would be a nice challenge to compose a few 30 - 90 second long instrumental loops. I've got a reasonable digital piano and an initial web search suggest that there are some open-source DAWs out there.

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